Swanky – Yes, you are

swanky, cool t-shirt from SnarkSharks

Swanky is, perhaps, the greatest word in the history of the English language.  Everyone wants to be swanky.  If you are an everyone, then here is how you do it.  Purchase, then wear this swankerific new shirt, and you, too, will be super swanky!

Go forth and be swanky!  Thanky me later…

Speed Limit Schizo

So, I drove four hours across the state of Pennsylvania yesterday. Can I just say, “Would you pick a frickin’ speed limit and stick with it for pity’s sake?”

Listen you’re a beautiful state, but I want to find the personification of you and punch you in the throat.  I am a lazy driver, I admit it.  I want to throw the cruise control on at the beginning of my journey and shut it off at the end. I’ve been known to hunt people down who cause me to cut cruise mode.

No lie, within one 5 mile stretch of my highway journey through your state, I hit zones where the speed limit went from 55 to 40 to 45 to 25 to 55 to 70. My poor car was so confused, it almost changed its last name to Jenner.

So in short, PA, fix this crap, or I will cut you.

Forewarned is forearmed

The zombie apocalypse has still yet to befall us.  Likewise, we have not yet become the planet of the apes.  I personally believe this is because the universe is conspiring to rain down the holy hell of a zombie gorilla apocalypse on us.  I can’t think of a a worse way to go then being hunted by undead primates.  So that being said, it’s time to warn your friends, so that we can all be on the lookout for ways to prevent this horrible possible future.  Thus, we present the Harambe Apocalypse T-Shirt.  Get yours now.  Remember:  forewarned is forearmed.


Many years ago, The Tick cartoon was one of my absolute favorite tv shows to watch.  If you are a fan of superheroes, or just plain funny television, you have to look this show up.  Some of the absolute best humor I’ve ever had the pleasure of partaking of from a TV show.

There was a live action version of the show years ago on Fox that was also pretty good, though it didn’t rise to the level of the cartoon.  It starred the awesome, Patrick Warburton, but only lasted for one season.

The concept is now making a comeback on another live action screen – Amaz0n Prime.  I haven’t seen this one yet, but eagerly await it.    Here’s the trailer:

Regardless, I can’t think of a better uniform to wear for the premier than our brand new shirt.  It works dual purpose for you as a fan of the Tick or the Matrix – check it out:

Click on the link to go to the shop page to purchase.


Be the Master of Your Mediocre Domain!

You know it.  I know it.  Heck, I am it.  We are the Masters of Mediocrity.  We are blazing a trail into the land of the mundane!  Now you can let the world know it with this cool t-shirt.  Check it out in our shop by clicking on the picture below.


Master of Mediocrity T-Shirt


Go Forth and Be Patriotic All Year Long!

As a follow up to our 4th of July post, our crack team of cracked artists has come up with a Tee Shirt idea that will allow you to not only be patriotic like Jack Burton, but to do it all year long. Check out our new T-shirt idea – click on the image to view it in the shop.

Wings of Liberty T-shirt