Schooling – Not Just for Schools Anymore! Homeschool is the New Cool!

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My family has been in the homeschooling game for 13 years now, and it’s not typically been something we would have thought on focusing on here at SnarkSharks, but recently, I’ve come to see how much potential for humor there is in the area of homeschooling.  You wouldn’t believe some of the silly things that come up in conversation when people find out you homeschool your kids.

The big question that homeschool families typically get is – don’t you worry that your kids won’t be well socialized if they are not in public school?  Short answer – NOPE!  My kids get out into the world with their homeschooling.  They meet more people in a week than public school kids meet all year.  Between field trips and meeting with other homeschoolers and sports and scouting, my kids are constantly socializing with other people.

So, we came up with this merchandise to help answer this question for homeschool Moms and Dads who are sick of answering this question.  They’re homeschooled, not feral!  They meet and interact with lots of people.  Trust us – we know what we’re doing!