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Powers Activate Shirt

When it is time to bring your A game, don’t be afraid to activate your true power with this fun design from SnarkSharks.com. Bump your fists, activate your ring, break out your utility belt, arm yourself with your shield or special sword and LET’S DO THIS!!!

If you’ve got a superhero fan in your family, this shirt may make the perfect gift for them. Activate your powers by buying this shirt for them. Let them see the hero you are – a shirt-buying hero! You’re the best!

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New Fun Fashion Items in Shop Now

Greetings friends and fellow Sharks!  There are several new fun fashion items up in the SnarkSharks shop these days, and we wanted to draw your attention to them for many reasons.

Reasons You Need to Know This Stuff

Reason 1 – We think we are awesome!

Reason 2 – We know YOU are awesome!

Reason 3 – Most importantly, the Shirts are awesome!


In the past we’ve tooted our own horns a bit (alternative things we’ve also tooted:  kazoo’s, train whistles, farts), but in this case it’s true – our fashions are fun!  Our Snark is strong!  Therefore, you will be cooler if you purchase and wear any of our stunning, fun, fashionable new releases from SnarkSharks.com.  Check them out below.  Click on any of the pictures to be taken directly to the shop!

New Fun Fashion Items


Escape Room Escapades

It sounds like a joke, but it’s entirely true. A thief broke into an escape room business and had to call the emergency 911 number on four separate occasions to ask for help in getting out of the facility.

We don’t make up the news (in this case); we just report on it. We love this world. We are so happy you are all out there doing stupid stuff every day. SnarkSharks salutes you, shallow end of the gene pool! Keep on being you!

Schooling – Not Just for Schools Anymore! Homeschool is the New Cool!

Homeschool mug, homeschooling homeschool tee, homeschool t-shirt, homeschooling clothes

homeschool tee, homeschool t-shirt, homeschooling clothes homeschool tote, homeschool tote bag, homeschooling clothes


My family has been in the homeschooling game for 13 years now, and it’s not typically been something we would have thought on focusing on here at SnarkSharks, but recently, I’ve come to see how much potential for humor there is in the area of homeschooling.  You wouldn’t believe some of the silly things that come up in conversation when people find out you homeschool your kids.

The big question that homeschool families typically get is – don’t you worry that your kids won’t be well socialized if they are not in public school?  Short answer – NOPE!  My kids get out into the world with their homeschooling.  They meet more people in a week than public school kids meet all year.  Between field trips and meeting with other homeschoolers and sports and scouting, my kids are constantly socializing with other people.

So, we came up with this merchandise to help answer this question for homeschool Moms and Dads who are sick of answering this question.  They’re homeschooled, not feral!  They meet and interact with lots of people.  Trust us – we know what we’re doing!

New Shirt Release Sale – Point of Order Shirt!


Check out the newest design from SnarkSharks.com – on sale for a limited time.  Quick link to it in our shop Point of Order Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

In parliamentary procedure, a point of order is when someone draws attention to a rules violation in a meeting. If you feel violated by the intelligence level of nearly everyone you are forced to speak to on a daily basis, then this is the shirt for you. Let them know how you feel in this most elegant and fashionable of ways.

You Had Me at “I’m Pregnant!”

Love.  Undying commitment.  Romance.  All excellent ingredients for sappy, weepy Rom Com.  And then there’s reality…reality, sometimes, is a little more pragmatic.  Sometimes it’s a little more shotgun, a little more immediate.  Sometimes love has a 9 month timetable!  If your romance started off a little more practical than the latest erotic novel (or if your just like hilarious shirts) than our newest release might be for you.  You had me at  “I’m Pregnant!”

Bruce Lee – Kung Fu and Jedi Master?

Have you seen this?

I laughed.  I cried.  I got tingly in a masculine sort of way.  Sure Donnie Yen was a delight in Rogue One, but can you imagine Bruce Lee on the Jedi Council or as the last man guarding those poor Jedi brats when evil Anakin came looking for them at the temple.  There wouldn’t have been enough of him left to turn into a Darth Vader (spoilers!).  So cool!

Watch Disney Movies Too Closely and You Hit on Gems Like This…

Legends in our own minds!


At SnarkSharks, we’ve always been a legend in our own minds, but now, with this new shirt design, everyone else can see how legendary we are for themselves. Would you like to be adored by the opposite sex? Well, how could they not once they see you are legendary? There’s only one way to find out, buy this shirt from SnarkSharks.com today!  Start 2018 off as a legend!

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