Time To Turn On Your Superpowers

Powers Activate Shirt

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When it is time to bring your A game, don’t be afraid to activate your true power with this fun design from SnarkSharks.com. Bump your fists, activate your ring, break out your utility belt, arm yourself with your shield or special sword and LET’S DO THIS!!! If you’ve got a superhero fan in your family, […]

Escape Room Escapades

It sounds like a joke, but it’s entirely true. A thief broke into an escape room business and had to call the emergency 911 number on four separate occasions to ask for help in getting out of the facility. We don’t make up the news (in this case); we just report on it. We love […]

Bruce Lee – Kung Fu and Jedi Master?

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Have you seen this? I laughed.  I cried.  I got tingly in a masculine sort of way.  Sure Donnie Yen was a delight in Rogue One, but can you imagine Bruce Lee on the Jedi Council or as the last man guarding those poor Jedi brats when evil Anakin came looking for them at the […]

Watch Disney Movies Too Closely and You Hit on Gems Like This…

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This may be the single greatest animated image of all time. Instagram, help me find the animator responsible. He deserves fame and glory beyond measure! #disney #disneyart #disneyanimation #hercules #herc #catsofinstagram #catlovers #cats #astarisborn #animation #animatorsrule #thatsphilsboy #snowball #greekgod #mythology #myth #toofunny #bestever A post shared by SnarkSharks (@snark_sharks) on Jan 29, 2018 at 6:40pm […]