Sometimes, some things just need to be said.  That is why we are here.  We live for the snark.

What is snark, you say?  Snark is the truth cloaked in a joke.  Snark is the world seen through the lens of sarcasm.    Snark is here for you to express yourself, saying things you probably shouldn’t say, but in a way that the world will let you get away with.

Snark can be edgy.  Snark can be funny.  Snark can be cute.  Snark can cut a little deep, but never to be mean, just to get to the bottom of things.    Like a shark, snark can rise to the calm surface of the water and bite you when you were least expecting it.

Join us at SnarkSharks – have a little fun. Shop around for our funny fashion, cool shirts and other products.  Leave a comment, just make it snarky or else one of the other sharks may come find you.