Shut Up About the Sun!



So, apparently, there was some sort of beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime, cosmic event today.  I find it hard to get excited about this sort of thing when the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Perhaps I’ve lost my sense of childhood wonder, but are you seeing what’s going on out there?  I mean let’s talk about all the stuff the world is going through:

  • Game of Thrones just started up again, and there’s only one episode left before it once more disappears beyond the Wall.  Who needs to die for that?  Surely, someone needs to wear Viserys molten crown for the shafting we are being given.
  • Have you gotten a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen lately?  They don’t even bother to take that little papery shell/sleeve off the peanuts before they put them on the sundae.  What the heck is that stuff anyway?  What purpose does it serve?  You freakin’ have a shell already, Peanut!  What do you need that peanutty undergarment for?   You’re ruining my comfort food.
  • Are you aware that there are now teaser trailers for movie trailers?  How badly and how early do you need to have the story ruined for you before you see a movie?
  • Do you know that the top channels on YouTube are mostly videos of people playing video games?  There are apparently millions of your fellow humans who would rather watch someone play a video game than actually play the game themselves.  There was a time when you were looked down on for playing video games instead of being out in the world and actually doing something.  Now, we apparently can’t even muster enough moxie to play a video game ourselves.

If we can’t deal with some of these problems that our society is facing than we need to stop worrying about being in the zone of totality and start worrying about being in the zone of banality.  Or it could just be that I’m ticked that I couldn’t see the freaking eclipse worth a spit from my house…