Earn Fame, Glory and $$$’s with SnarkSharks

If you have a cool joke, phrase, graphic or concept for use on a shirt, hat, mug or other item, submit it to us.  If we launch it, you will make money off of every sale.  The more viral your idea, the more buck you’ll make.  Plus you can share and promote the item page to your friends and social networks to drum up business.


The Rules.

  • No hate speech
  • No foul language
  • No inappropriate words or images
  • No copyrighted content (movie names, characters, company logos, etc.)


The Fine Print.

  • All designs become property of
  • Royalties will be paid out on a quarterly basis
  • SnarkSharks reserves the right to modify your concept or artwork to make it fit/work for printing on our products
  • If similar concepts are submitted by more than one person, SnarkSharks will choose the concept that arrives most complete to our site (artwork is supplied with the idea, it is closest to being print ready, appropriate and complete contact information is supplied, etc.).


Now get snarking!